In response to the world’s concern about the situation in the Taiwan Strait because of the impending war between Russia and Ukraine, the Taiwan presidential office issued a statement on Sat. 12, saying that it closely watched the situation in Ukraine and also increased the island’s military combat readiness for possible threats. 

The statement reads, “All military units continue to pay close attention to the situation in Ukraine and movements in the Taiwan Strait, continue to strengthen joint intelligence and surveillance, and gradually increase the level of combat readiness in response to various signs and threats to effectively respond to various situations.”

The Taiwan presidential office also stated that the situation in the Taiwan Strait is fundamentally different from Ukraine and that it should not be exploited to impact the morale of the Taiwanese people.

According to Reuters, Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan’s president, established a Ukraine working group under the Taiwan National Security Council last month to monitor developments and potential implications on Taiwan’s security. 

As the tensions between Russia and Ukraine become increasingly heated, the United States, Japan, and the Republic of China (Taiwan) have recently asked their citizens to evacuate the country immediately.

Politico, on Feb. 11, reported U.S. President Joe Biden claimed that Russia could launch an attack on Ukraine on Feb. 16.

Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told Indian news channel CNN-News18 on Friday, “We are watching very carefully whether China is going to learn a lesson in the conflict in Eastern Europe or whether China is going to take advantage when the democracies are busy dealing with conflict in Eastern Europe and take that advantage to launch an attack against Taiwan. So these are some things that we are watching very carefully. We think that China may have the intention to launch a war against Taiwan. The matter is timing.”

Last month, Taiwan’s defense ministry said that Taiwanese fighters were deployed to intercept 39 Chinese aircraft in the largest intrusion by China’s air force since October.

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