As TheBL reported on the case of thousands of depositors who could not withdraw their money and protested in Henan. They complained to the Chinese regime but not only lost their money but were also beaten by security staff. Therefore, depositors who could not withdraw (money) have come to the U.S. embassy to complain.

Nearly three months after the “storm” at local banks in Henan, Henan authorities still have not resolved the issue of depositors’ inability to withdraw their deposits. On July 10, many depositors in Henan local banks again flocked to Zhengzhou to protest and demand the banks return their deposited money. However, the authorities deployed plainclothes police to maintain stability. As a result, many depositors were beaten and injured.

Videos (link 1, link 2) and photos posted by China Digital Times show that many people had come to claim their rights. Instead, they were coerced and beaten brutally by men in white shirts.

However, many videos and photos posted by victims of the incident have been deleted on Weibo and other platforms. Furthermore, the CCP’s media has also been silent about the incident and has issued no relevant reports.

Currently, on Weibo, hashtags such as “# Thousands of depositors at the Henan Rural Bank are beaten,” “# Rural Bank of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province beat people,” “# Thousands of depositors in front of Henan Rural Bank beaten by men in white,” “# Zhengzhou Henan Rural Bank,” “#Chengzhou 710 Incident” and other related keywords have all been blocked to prevent the case from spreading.

As a result, silenced netizens feeling helpless began to comment (link 1, link 2) on the official Weibo of the U.S. Embassy in China, hoping that the U.S. government could pay attention to the incident of depositors at Henan Rural Bank and help the oppressed low-caste people.

A netizen took a screenshot comparing the comment area on Weibo of the U.S. Embassy in China and the People’s Daily newspaper. The U.S. Embassy’s Weibo allows netizens to freely comment and post information for help, while People’s Daily has turned on the “Comment Options Filter” mode and does not display more than 2,000 comments.

Due to the long-term negative propaganda of the CCP, many Chinese netizens have a hostile attitude towards the U.S., and almost every daily message on the official WeChat account of the U.S. embassy in China is full of insults and criticism.

Before the incident of people suddenly begging the U.S. Embassy in China for help, some netizens recalled how BBC reporters were prevented from interviewing at the Jingguang tunnel area during the flood disaster in Zhengzhou in July 2021, saying: “Last year we chased away foreign media, this year we turn to them for help.”

According to China Digital Times, the number of comments on Weibo about the U.S. Embassy in China continues to increase. In addition to the call to “take care of the depositors at Henan Bank,” some netizens have used their freedom of speech to criticize the Chinese Communist Party.

Here are the comments of some netizens quoted by the news agency:

Netizens Zhang Manman and Yumi said, “Last year, when there was flooding in Zhengzhou, foreign reporters were blocked and were not allowed to interview.”

Netizen lluuu expressed the harsh truth: “When Zhengzhou had a flood, foreign media arrived, it was the Henan people who beat them, only after the Henan people themselves were beaten by the authorities did they realize that the foreign press must cover them.”

Netizen LundyCHAN: “It’s ridiculous. Stop cursing at the U.S. Embassy but change to begging for help from abroad.”

The account Jialing said: “CCTV comes to your place every day to report, cares about human rights in the United States and speaks up for the American people; please uphold the principle of equality of news and send more reporters to our country to cover news, care about human rights in China, and serve the voice of the Chinese people.”

Netizen Alfa-q4 advised: “Those who send money in Henan should send a message to the Russian embassy.”

Netizen “The wind disturbed my show,” said: “When there is a color revolution (a term for organized political violence, a coup to overthrow the incumbent authority), I will show you the way.”

The account iduoie said: “It is a basic human right. It doesn’t matter whether in the country or abroad, only care about human rights.”

Netizen Shantao commented: “I just want to say to all the commenters here: The U.S. really doesn’t care about China’s internal affairs, they only speak up for human rights. Henan now is like Hong Kong then, does anyone here sympathize with Hong Kongers? Finally, if you’re asking someone else for help, pay attention to your tone of voice, this is the most basic of respect. I hope Henan will wake up after this incident.”

Netizens “Delicate as you left a message,” said: “Customers who deposit money in Henan Bank but cannot withdraw, please first look at the general situation of the whole country, do not continue to cause trouble, consider it as investment failure, money lost will be earned again, if the police come, you will become a person with a criminal record, be in trouble, labeled as colluding with foreign forces … then you cannot escape the crime.”

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