Many provinces have experienced significant floods as a result of torrential rain, high winds, and thunderstorms.

On May 9, severe rains hit Guangnan County in Yunnan Province, causing trees to topple and destroy electrical poles and guardrails. In Liancheng Township, Guangnan, a resident had to move to higher places since their floor was flooded.

The road surface of a hamlet in Chongqing city of Sichuan Province crumbled on May 10, causing several cars to fall down the slope.

The footage shows three cars going down the slope, some dangling over the side, and the white bar was also dragged down. A witness called Yang claimed that it had been raining for days, affecting the soil. Although the road crumbled and there were damages to property, no one was injured.

From May 9 to 10, Guilin, a city in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region, experienced heavy rainstorms. Five locations were affected to differing degrees by the downpour. Fifteen houses collapsed, affecting 6,418 people, while 33 dwellings were badly damaged.

Longmen County, Guangdong province, experienced severe rain in the evening on May 10, and all of the orange rain warning signs became red. One hour after the heavy rain, the flood control emergency reaction raised the alert level from 4 to 2, with level 1 representing the most severe response.

According to Red Star-News, the bunker behind a residential building in Banwadian Village of Sichuan province collapsed on May 11. Nine cars were damaged while parked beneath the bunker. The owner, surnamed Song, said that one of the smashed cars was his, and the remaining eight belonged to tenants.

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