Zhejiang: citizens discovered 7 UFO’s

On July 26, netizens in Taizhou, Zhejiang, posted a video saying they saw UFO’s in the sky.

Footage shows a few people sitting at a dining table observing points of light that line up diagonally across the sky. A total of 7 bright spots were seen, then they disappeared one by one.

According to NetEase, some citizens said they also heard a buzzing sound, but they could not see its source.

Many local departments in Taizhou said they did not receive UFO reports. Some experts judged, based on the videos taken by netizens, that the UFO’s are  unlikely drones, but might be a Kongming lantern, or a kite.

Hubei: Black clouds overwhelm the sky like a scene from a horror film

A video shared on Weibo shows that on July 27, the sky of Xuanen County, Hubei turned black. The spreading dark clouds covered the whole sky as if it had been splashed with ink.

According to Hubei Meteorology, from July 27 to 29, there will be strong convective weather such as short-term heavy precipitation, thunder and lightning, and strong winds in the central and western parts of Hubei. At the same time, reminding people to go to a safe indoor shelter in time to avoid the possibility of a severe storm.

Zhengzhou: Storm wrecks nucleic acid testing kiosk, netizens say “God doesn’t want it to exist”

On July 25, Zhengzhou City, Henan province, seemed to be the setting for a “blockbuster thriller.” Video shared on the internet shows the sky was dark, with a combination of rolling thunder, heavy rain, and storms impacting the city.

However, according to authorities, even in extreme weather people must still line up for nucleic acid testing. Footage shows that the sudden rainstorm scattered people lining up for the test. The storm blew the testing kiosk dozens of meters away.

The video sparked a heated discussion. Some netizens questioned, “Is it a high-tech testing kiosk worth 50,000 to 60,000 yuan?” Another netizen said: “God doesn’t want it to exist.” [ image]

Shanghai still can’t reach the ‘Zero-covid’ goal 

Shanghai was lifted from lockdown in early June, but up to now, there are still many cases of Covid found. The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission reported on July 28 that on July 27, there were three new confirmed cases of local Covid-19 and 11 asymptomatic infected people in quarantine. There were nine confirmed cases of Covid-19 from abroad and 27 asymptomatic infections found in the control area.

According to NetEase, As of July 27, there were 12 high-risk areas requiring special control in Shanghai.

Video shared by locals shows the Wisteria Garden Community in Shanghai was sealed with wooden boards on July 27.

In addition, the video online shows that the government has implemented the construction of new cabin hospital areas to serve as quarantine points.

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