Since the Covid-19 outbreak in April, new infections per day in Beijing only stay within 40 to over 60 cases. Although the outbreak has waned slightly in recent days, harsh control measures have instead escalated. This move has triggered anger among citizens, leading to mass protests.

A video leaked online from the Meijingdongfang Community of Zhouzhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The authorities want to lock down the whole area. This leads to wide protest.

The video shows a large group of residents gathered on the ground. They want to talk to official representatives. However, the staff only explains how to pay for express delivery and transportation after the expected lockdown. And the residents respond in surprise.

The residents said the community has no positive cases. They ask the staff for the person in charge and legal documents for the lockdown order. They said they would follow the order if the lockdown is indeed legal.

One resident shouts out. He said that their community actually has no confirmed case. And this one-size-fits-all approach shows the laziness of the government.
In another video, a community resident representative suggests a compromise with the official.

He complains that the official can not just set up hard isolation and close the building. He suggests that the official look at the present situation. He said that they can divide the time into sections and batches, and residents could go out at that time. He adds that there was no law limiting the residents’ move and treating them like animals.

Early this month, teachers and students at Beijing International Studies University gather to protest the campus lockdown. The police come to break up the protest. In the video, an officer ignores the students’ concerns while repeatedly warning them to leave.

When the police tell students and teachers to report their concerns through the usual channels. One student argues that all channels have been blocked due to the lockdown.

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