Recently, netizens exposed a new regulation issued by the only funeral home in Shenzhen city.

On May 25, mainland netizens posted a screenshot showing the funeral home’s app requires the city’s mourners to provide the deceased’s nucleic acid test certificate.

On the ‘Smart Funeral’ page of the ‘i Shenzhen’ app, the popup message reads: “During the funeral service, for the deceased in the COVID control and closed-containment areas, in addition to the Death Certificate or authorization to move the body, the kin of the deceased is also required to provide a nucleic acid test and the deceased’s certificate of nucleic acid testing.

Reportedly, the government’s Shenzhen Funeral Home is the only agency in the city responsible for funeral services such as transporting and storing.

The Shenzhen funeral home staff confirmed to Tianmu News that the policy has been in place since this year. It was co-issued by the Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission, the Internal Affairs Bureau, and the Public Security Bureau. Tianmu News then deleted the link shortly after.

The news quickly shocked the netizens and attracted more than 2 million views in less than two days. Most of the residents were sarcastic that the government had gone crazy.

One resident analyzed that if a person wants to die the day after tomorrow, the nucleic acid must be done today. It can’t be too early because the test card is only valid for 24 hours. This means that a nucleic acid test must be taken daily before the person dies, to be then cremated after a few days. This will be the last procedure for the deceased before passing away.

One resident wondered if the body had a negative test, the procedure would go on as normal, and family members would be able to say goodbye to their loved one a final time. And if it’s positive, does that mean the family won’t even get to say goodbye one last time?

One commenter joked that if the dead don’t have a negative test, will they be quarantined when they arrive in the underworld?

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