The dispute regarding parking spaces between Rolls-Royce and Bentley owners has brought attention to the vehicle owner’s identity. As a result, Baoneng Group, the developer behind this incident, has found itself in hot water.

Footage in the underground garage of Shenzhen Baoneng Mansion shows a woman angrily complaining that her parking space was occupied. She started to quarrel with the owner of a Rolls-Royce. The woman said she had 50 Bentleys and warned she would drive her Bentleys over there to block the space.

This “Shenzhen Bentley vs. Rolls-Royce” incident caused a scandal involving the developer Baoneng Group.

According to the Chinese media “Sohu,” the “Shenzhen Bentley vs. Rolls-Royce” incident occurred at the Baoneng Mansion in Shenzhen. The mansion is located in the Xiangmihu area of Futian, Shenzhen. It is a high-end residence with an average price of over 15,000 dollars per square meter in Shenzhen, a mixed commercial and residential community called  “Baoneng City Mansion.”

The dispute over the parking spaces stems from the “buy an apartment, get a free parking space” strategy used by Baoneng in the sale of its condominium products. However, the residential area has always been a public parking space, and people park on a first-come, first-served basis.

According to the documents issued by the Shenzhen Planning and Land Resources Commission for the Baoneng City Mansion Project, the underground garage is not included in the apportionment of the common floor area. The Planning Permit allows for 2,127 parking spaces; 160 are for public use and 1,967 for self-use.

This verdict is different from the policy direction that Shenzhen has tried to pursue before.

In December 2014, according to the Shenzhen Real Estate Association, the allocated parking spaces were owned by all owners and were prohibited from buying and selling. But no official documents have been issued since then.

Presently, Shenzhen has not issued an independent property right certificate for parking spaces, and the definition of parking spaces is unclear.

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