The COVID-19 epidemic in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, has resurfaced, and the situation is tense again. Recently, officials have urgently upgraded many high and medium-risk areas, movement of the residents has been restricted, many communities are locked down and controlled, and some large groups of residents have been moved to centralized isolation. Net users released a video showing a large number of epidemic prevention workers on duty in Shenzhen with the comment: “Shenzhen has repeatedly locked down with the epidemic, locked down and then lifted the lockdown, lifted and then locked down again, a vicious circle with no way out.”

NetEase said, according to the official website of the Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission, on July 6, 11 positive COVID-19 cases were in the city.

Shenzhen has adopted “no-walk-out, door-to-door services” prevention and control measures for high-risk areas. Medium-risk areas require to “not go out of the county,” low-risk areas require “personal protection and avoidance of gatherings,” “organize nucleic acid testing once a day” for many residents, and “do not leave the area unless necessary.” When going out of the city, it is a must to have a 48-hour negative nucleic acid test certificate.

After Shenzhen was locked down and controlled (in many places), a video showed Huanggang village, Futian district, Shenzhen, under lockdown on July 6, and many buses were carrying people to quarantine. One man said: “all residents of two buildings have been dragged away. The situation is very urgent!” Ambulance signal lights attracted many residents to watch. “Yesterday, the lockdown was lifted. Now it’s lockdown again, only entering but not leaving. New cases may have been detected.”

The man said that the presence of police cars, ambulances, and buses is a complete standard sign when a positive case is detected. At 9 o’clock that night, many intersections in the Huanggang complex were locked down, people could enter but not leave, and many pedestrians were afraid to go home. On the same night, Baishizhou village in the Nanshan district was also locked down, with many people waiting outside the intersection that was blocked with iron plates. 

Another video shows that on July 7, the Huanggang Complex in Shenzhen was locked down. A young man wearing a yellow t-shirt who went out of the area was suddenly stopped and not allowed to leave the residential area. He was also pushed to the ground by two employees wearing protective suits. An epidemic prevention officer restrained him and pressed his head down. The boy collapsed and was then dragged away by several epidemic prevention staff and security officers.

In response, many netizens reacted harshly. Vision Times compiled some comments: “The masses fight the masses, huh! The CCP’s karma! It has no moral limits, no conscience, that’s the end the CCP wants”; “This is a cannibalistic society. Epidemic control has no humanity, this group of people has no humanity, humanity in China is about to disappear”; “They have no right to do so, administrative coercion requires related procedures! Their behavior is a crime!”; “They just want to keep the rice bowl; evil is transmitted from top to bottom. We often blame the lowly minions below and ignore the true source of evil.”

Shenzhen’s Huanan city, which people once dreamed would become China’s largest, most comprehensive, and most influential e-commerce industrial park, looks bleak today. In the video, most of the merchants in the city of Huanan, Shenzhen, have gone, the rental offices are empty without a single person, and the scene is dreary. One man said: “This is the city of Huanan in Shenzhen today. I’ve never seen such a sight. It’s all gone, my goodness!”

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