On September 26, Chinese-langue media reported thousands of residents’ protests against officials in protective suits in the region of  Huaqiangbei Electronic Mall on Jinhua Road, and Shawei village, on Shatou street, Futian district, Shenzhen city, Guangdong province. Authorities sent hundreds of police officers to arrest protesters, and physical clashes occurred.

On September 23, the Shenzhen government required that residents who leave Shenzhen city have a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours. And people who enter or return to Shenzhen from so-called high-risk areas would be quarantined for seven days and undergo five nucleic acid tests.

On September 26, the Futian District Pandemic Prevention and Control Headquarters announced that they are changing the status to medium and high-risk areas on Shatou Street in the Futian District. High-risk areas implemented “staying at home and providing door-to-door services.”

The Futian government locked down the region twice a month. And this has been the fifth lockdown in the area since September 23. This time, the residents could suffer no more. They gathered and protested against the authorities. 

Mindfulness of the World’s footage on the Twitter platform showed some residents using loudspeakers to criticize the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for breaking its promises and for the police’s violent suppression. A man spoke every word loudly, and the crowd chanted the following, “Don’t believe everything the Communist Party says. The CCP’s words are like farts, throughout, their words and actions are all lies.”

On September 26, footage from “bridgeduan”  Twitter user showed thousands of people in Shawei shouting “unblock,” “Let us out,” and “defeat nucleic acid.”

The authorities called in many police officers (in blue protective suits) and they arrested the protesters. The policemen raised the banner “Police law enforcement cooperation.”

On September 27, Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan cited Xiaoqiang (pseudonym), a villager from Shawei. It occurred on Shawei Pedestrian Street in Futian, Shenzhen. There were probably thousands of people as well as hundreds of police officers. There were physical conflicts. Someone threw an empty mineral water bottle, there was shoving , and verbal battles. It’s not clear if the police arrested anyone. In the end the lockdown remained. The police sent more special officers and dispersed the crowd. And now (the police) have surrounded the area. 

According to Xiaoqiang, since March the government had repeatedly implemented and stopped the lockdown in Shenzhen. It had never stopped. People also had to live, and so they protested and everyone shouted, “unblock.”

On September 24, Cerulean posted a video to Facebook showing how the quarantined Shenzhen residents climbed over a fence to escape . Some people even crawled under the metal barriers.
An image showed a woman climbing the fence to get out. And the words “freedom” below her conflict with her trying to escape.

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