China’s stringent ‘zero COVID’ policy not only affects people’s livelihood but also leaves many unanswered questions for the community.

Here is one such case.

On May 17, a video of an incident happening at the nucleic acid testing point in Guangming baihua Community, Shenzhen, emerged on Youtube. 

A front-line volunteer from another place outside Shenzhen is continuously questioning the COVID prevention staff for why he couldn’t do nucleic acid testing here.

The volunteer continued to ask if the front-line staff in Shenzhen served their people like this. 

The video ends with one staff recording the incident while the other is standing still.

Ironically, while refusing to do the COVID test for the living, they have recently requested the covid test for the deceased.

A screenshot from Weibo’s social platform shows that Shenzhen Funeral Home demands a nucleic acid test result for persons who died in regions under virus-protection measures before performing final rites.

While some users thought the funeral home’s condition was legitimate in terms of preventing potential transmission chains, others thought it was unethical and upsetting. 

One user joke: “If there is no nucleic acid report, do people still need to be quarantined in the afterworld?”

Another comment: “This kind of thing appears in Shenzhen; it makes people feel ridiculous.”

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