Heavy rain and flash floods hit multiple areas in Shanxi Province on Wednesday, causing damage to houses, roads, and farmland. Billowing floods also washed away many cars. Ningxiang Town and Jinluo Town were the most severely affected in the region.  

Multiple video footage posted on the Internet and broadcast showed that the heavy rains cause strong current water of the flood. Some vehicles were washed away to downstream rivers. After the flood water receded, many places were covered in mud.

Mainland “Surging News” reported that Mr. Gu, a resident of Jinluo Town, Zhongyang County, said that it was raining heavily when he went to work on Thursday morning. Before long, the rain became heavier, water level quickly rose, and some of the cars were washed into the river. His car in the auto repair shop was “washed into a pile.”

An employee of a gas station in Beipo Village, Jinluo Town, said that the water level was about 1 meter at its highest. Now the road is full of mud, cars are still impassable, and the gas station has also mobilized employees to clean up the mud.

Ms. Ren of Jinluo Town said that she owns a shop in the town. When the water was rising, she was very panicked. She picked up the basin and kept scooping out water, but she still couldn’t stop the water. After the water receded, all the cloth and paper in her shop were soaked and unusable. At reporting time, she has been cleaning up the mud in her store.

According to the local weather bureau, the maximum rainfall was 205.8mm in Baicao Village, Jinluo Town, Luliang City. The flood caused house collapse, road destruction, vehicles washed away, and farmland damage. Some people were reported to be trapped in Ningxiang Town and Jinluo Town.

Wang, a local shop owner, said that 7 to 8 o’clock in the morning on the 11th was the most dangerous time. The flood was over 1 meter high. He had never seen such a strong flood in his life. The shops are full of mud and water; all electrical equipment is soaked in water. He adds, the streets are in a mess now, cleanup is being done but the consequence can’t be processed in a day or two.

A mainland netizen comments, “The flood occurred on a main street in the town, and many shops on both sides of the surrounding area suffered a lot of damage. Fortunately, it happened in the morning during the day, and most people were fine. I live in the community on the right side of the street. Now the power and water are cut off. It is said that it will take five or six days to clean up. The basement of the community is full of water. This flood is too big.”

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