According to Timednews, several residents have rushed to the Hongqiao Railway Station to leave Shanghai since Beijing officials announced gradually lifting the lockdown in three phases on May 16.

Citing a staff at Hongqiao Railway Station, the paper reported that around 13,000 people had left Shanghai from the station on May 16 and May 17.

Several residents reached the station the night before and slept overnight at the resettlement site to secure a ticket to leave. These passengers made queues as long as several kilometers right in front of the station.

However, the number of tickets is not enough to meet the travelers’ high demand even though there’s been a threefold increase in trips departing from the Hongqiao Railway Station.

Taking advantage of the situation, some staff in Shanghai Railway Department have increased the online-ticket price and resold these tickets to the anxious passengers.

According to the Shanghai Railway Public Security Department report, six suspects were arrested.

China’s state CCTV reported that the initial investigation revealed that some passengers had to pay 2.200 CNY (around 325 Dollars) for two tickets and 3.500 CNY (about 518 Dollars) for seven tickets.

Buying tickets at inflated prices is just one of several harrowing experiences Shanghai residents have undergone since the epidemic’s flare-up.
Therefore, several have longed to leave Shanghai for fear of the possibility of more lockdowns as Beijing repeatedly changes the epidemic control measures.

However, the residents must ensure a nucleic acid negative test result within 48 hours and a rapid screening negative test result within 24 hours to secure a seat to leave Shanghai. As a result, some passengers still cannot go to the station due to having no valid test results.

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