China insists on maintaining its zero-Covid policy. As a result, most of Shanghai’s 25 million citizens are still confined after several weeks under extreme epidemic prevention measures. In Shanghai, the policy has sparked public concern.

Mrs. Ren, a citizen of Shanghai, had a phone call with the Chinese media news outlet Xin Tang Ren. Her husband went to the hospital on May 10 and received an abnormal nucleic acid test.

According to Mrs. Ren, they then sent him to Lingang Sixth Hospital, which specializes in treating COVID-positive patients. She added that his nucleic acid test report became negative, turning his health code green. Still, he was forced to live in the same room with COVID-infected patients. She was so afraid that her husband would get infected under such conditions.

Mr. Wu is also a Shanghai resident. He was isolated in the store after only two days back at work.

A friend of Mr. Wu said his friend, along with the store manager, was quarantined in the Zhangyang Road convenience store in Shanghai. He slept inside the store without bedding or a quilt and didn’t get any assistance.

During the construction of the cabins at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center last month, migrant workers from the China Construction Second Bureau reported several COVID-positive cases. However, because the construction of the “makeshift hospital” was not complete, the workers were not allowed to be quarantined. As a result, 30% of them were infected on their return to Shanghai.

Mr. Xu, the head of the Shanghai “makeshift hospital” of the China Construction Second Bureau, said it was up to the government to release people from isolation.

Authorities ordered residents to be quarantined in the past few days if their neighbors tested positive for COVID, sparking public outrage.

A British citizen living in Shanghai’s Xuhui district, who wished to remain anonymous, told AFP, “All of us will be taken to a quarantine center and we’ll have to hand over our keys so they can come in and spray everything with disinfectant.”

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