On June 3, “a nucleic acid test site in Shanghai was vandalized and the man involved was punished” became a hot search on Baidu, attracting the netizens’ attention. Chinese netizens responded favorably to this action and recounted their own experiences when being forced to do regular nucleic acid or PCR tests.

The relevant departments of the Shanghai Putuo district confirmed that the incident occurred in that district. China’s Sohu said that since June 1, a small parking lot at 287 Ningxia Road, Changfeng street, has been set up as a normalized nucleic acid testing site for people in the surrounding residential areas and staff of the shops along the street.

On the evening of June 1, residents of surrounding areas and employees of nearby street shops gathered at this site to take their tests. The demand for testing was overwhelming, but there were not enough test tubes. After that, the staff of the residential group informed the people to stop queuing.

As reported by Sohu, one resident expressed his dissatisfaction by throwing the surrounding roadblocks at the test site and overturning the table, which caused the collection of nucleic acid samples to be scattered on the ground.

Currently, the man has been administratively sanctioned by the police for the crime of picking quarrels and provoking trouble. 

According to the Epoch Times, on the afternoon of June 3, the incident appeared on Baidu hot search (China’s largest online data search engine, similar to Google) and attracted netizens’ attention. Many people supported the man’s actions and praised him. Many netizens also recounted their plight and denounced the regular testing as psychological torture to people.

A screenshot of the comments on the Chinese Internet is as follows.

A person said: “Yesterday, I was also very angry. After waiting in line for 2 hours, I heard that it was time for the testing staff to leave. I went to work during the daytime and waited in line at night to do a nucleic acid test, but the test couldn’t be done! The pressure is too great to have such aggressive action!”; “We need a nucleic acid certificate to travel, to be able to go to work, so just continue the lockdown. Aren’t they tired of asking for this, asking for that?”

Others show their sympathy: “As long as you experience waiting in line for a nucleic acid test for more than one hour, you will understand the feeling of stress and frustration”; “you wait in line for a few hours, eventually they tell you you will not be tested. You are required a negative test within 72 hours to be able to work, you will be psychologically tortured to madness!”

Another offers a solution: “Currently, we need nucleic acid tests within 72 hours so that we can take a bus to workplaces. Didn’t you guys predict overcrowding? If people waiting in lines exceeds the number of test tubes, shouldn’t they stop the citizens from queuing?

The administrator did not say anything and let the people wait for 2 hours, in the end they could not be tested, no wonder they tried to find an excuse to cause trouble. Actually, it is not provoking a quarrel, it is “even a worm will be upset.”

Other netizens also share their unpleasant experiences in doing obligatory tests: “This afternoon I went outside to find a nucleic acid testing site. If it is not closed, it is long-lined up by people. Nucleic acid testing sites in residential areas opened at 5 a.m. However, the elderly have been lining up since 3.30 a.m; the line gets to the gate. What a kind of human torturing!” According to the Zero-COVID policy, towns in China require people to do the so-called “normalized” acid nucleic tests. Currently, the 48-hour acid nucleic certificate has become a compulsory condition for citizens to go outside in Shenzhen, Xian, Beijing, and other cities. You must present the 48-hour acid nucleic certificate to enter schools, office buildings, buses, subways, restaurants, and markets. You can not go to work, go to school, drive, buy food or get your medical examination without it. In some places, the authorities require a 72-hour certificate. 

Who will pay for normalized nucleic acid testing? Chinese from all walks of life show excessive interest in answers to this question. NetEase explains that according to a recent policy, the testing fees of the people with health insurance will be paid by the national Health Insurance Fund. 

However, according to Xinhua Daily Telegraph, the person who is responsible for National Health Insurance Bureau said, on May 26, that according to the guiding principles, the normalized nucleic acid testing fees are paid by local authorities.

Right after this announcement, the local governments started to find a way to collect the fees and make the citizens pay for their tests by themselves.

An example of this is the Langzhong emergency epidemic committee, Sichuan province. On May 27, it announced that local people should voluntarily pay for their nucleic acid test fees. The tests are obligatory and cost 0,53 dollars per person each time. In addition, the committee announced that after May 31, the general public was required to have nucleic acid tests every week in convenient self-paid acid nucleic testing sites, according to NetEase of China.

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