Shanghai authorities have doubled down on COVID pandemic restrictions. Earlier this month, Shanghai officials announced a military order at all levels to achieve the zero COVID goal. The city began to impose the so-called ‘quiet period’ prevention policy until May 15. Express delivery, group purchases, and takeaways will be stopped during this period. Except for taking nucleic acid tests, all residents must stay at home.

On May 13, Ms. Chen of Yangpu District told Da Ji Yuan news outlet that over 100 police officers appeared Fengcheng Sancun community. They were there to force residents to quarantine camps. He added that on May 12, the whole community was forced to take 3 COVID tests within 48 hours.

However, the news outlet reported residents saying some isolation camps had rejected residents coming from this area. Therefore, some people had to spend the night on the transferring buses. Meanwhile, some elderly chose to walk back to the community, but the staff at the community didn’t let them in.

Recently, authorities have forced many residents to quarantine facilities in this residential area. However, many of them tested negative and were not in close contact with Covid-infected patients.

Another resident in the area, Ms. Yang, said if a household has a positive case, the whole floor will be in trouble. She also complained about the authority’s disinfection practice. It allows strangers to invade their personal spaces.

On the afternoon of the 13th, a reporter from Da Ji Yuan called the No. 1 police station in Fengcheng Sancun.

When asked about the situation of this community, the official responded that the reporter called the wrong number.

A positive case in a household could result in the entire apartment building being quarantined. Such prevention policy has prompted numerous complaints on social media. However, topics related to the situation in Yangpu district were censored.

It’s not the first time the government’s adoption of zero-Covid has caused controversy in Shanghai. Back in April, residents in Pudong fought back hazmat-suited cops. It’s because the police asked them to surrender their homes to use as COVID quarantine facilities.

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