A video released on May 25 shows several COVID prevention staff in white suits carrying a body wrapped in a black plastic bag out of the residential building.

They then placed that body on a stretcher prepared in advance.

Many people gather outside to watch, and some capture the scene.

After realizing the man had filmed the video, the four staff asked him to go away and stop filming.

The subtitles of the video read: Starve to death, stinks.

The owner of the video said that the incident occurred in Jiahai Yayuan Community, Jiangqiao Town, Jiading District, Shanghai.

The channel is unable to verify the location of the incident nor the cause of the death.

Shanghai began implementing a three-zone epidemic control system last month. Communities are categorized into three types of zones: closed-off management areas, restrictive control areas, and prevention areas.

During the long-term lockdowns, people in Shanghai are confined to their homes. The majority must order food online while waiting for government handouts.

Notably, ordering food online isn’t a simple task for everyone, especially old people. Many complaints about food shortages have overwhelmed the Internet.

In late April, videos showing frustrated Shanghai residents banging pots and pans went viral. They did so to protest the lockdown and difficulties acquiring groceries.

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