Shanghai: Ikea shoppers panic after hearing lockdown due to COVID

On the evening of August 13, chaos broke out inside Ikea in Shanghai, a home products shopping mall, because a visitor was notified he had contact with a COVID patient. After that, health authorities attempted to close down the store and quarantine people there.

The video shows shoppers trying to escape in panic as soon as they learnt about the possible shutdown. They can be seen rushing as the anti-epidemic staff try to lock the doors. Some people start pushing to get out, while security and other staff try to stop them but do not succeed.

After being quarantined for two months to prevent the virus from spreading, Shanghai’s 25 million people are still suffering the aftermath. They have not fully recovered from the food crisis and its economic impact.

Not only Shanghai but residents in many places such as Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Hainan turn into chaos to the possibility of a snap lockdown, which is China’s Zero-Covid strategy at the moment. 

Cities with COVID epidemics continuously extend lockdowns

Many cities in China are implementing “temporary static management” to avoid talking about “lockdown” in preventing the COVID epidemic. But this measure is no different from a lockdown as many cities continuously extend the time for quarantine.

Shigatse City, in Tibet, has been under static management for three days since August 8. Residents are not allowed to go out unless necessary.

Shigatse City asked for the lockdown to be extended for another 3 days on August 11. But on August 14, the authorities announced a new extension for another week.

Besides, the “temporary static management” of Urumqi and Haikou was also extended. 

According to comprehensive Chinese media reports, since August 15, Urumqi city has extended the static management measures in six urban areas for 5 days due to the spreading of the Omicron strain BA.5.2 virus, and then adjusted the decision according to changes in the situation.

On August 15, Haikou City, Hainan Province, requested a citywide extension for one more day. And many places in Hainan province are experiencing the same situation.

Video shows people fighting for food like in battle

A short clip recording the scene of a group of people, including the elderly, young people, men and women, huddled together fighting for food has attracted the attention of netizens, though it did not reveal much information.

Footage shows a chaotic, noisy scene where everyone wants to get their food while the pot is hot and steaming. A woman even fell to the ground, and food spilled all over the floor.

This image gives a wrong impression of Chinese eating culture. An online user said it is a classic scene that no one else could have imagined; another compared the people to pigs and dogs. 

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