In the face of the heavy economic setbacks of the 40-plus-day city closure, Shanghai officials are trying their best to salvage the dilemma.

According to Shao Weizhong, vice president of Shentong Metro Group, from May 22, Shanghai rail transit lines 3, 4, 6, line 10, and line 16 will resume operation.

The current operating hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., with trains about 20 minutes apart.

According to Shanghai’s current epidemic prevention requirements, local citizens must hold a green card with a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours to ride the subway.

They will also need to scan the “place code” to pass when entering and leaving the station. In terms of installation, more than 7,000 place codes have been deployed under the “one station, one code” principle, totaling about 12,000.

The media exposed that only the route to Shanghai Hongqiao station was via line 10, and it had many passengers, while the other lines had only sporadic passengers.

The surging news street visit learned that the sporadic passengers are mostly epidemic prevention personnel or those that work in the hospital.

Some passengers said that the Shanghai subway is always crowded, but now it’s a new experience.

The Internet photos on Weibo showed that the trains on Line 10 to Hongqiao Station and Hongqiao Airport were almost full. Large numbers of passengers were dragging suitcases, and some people were wearing protective clothing, gloves, and protective shields.

According to Chinese netizens, on line 10 in the morning, no more passengers could be squeezed in. It seems that a lot of people are determined to leave Shanghai.

The train is one of the conveniences for people escaping from Shanghai.

Zhu Lin, deputy head of the station, said most of them went to Shanghai Railway Station to take a train to leave Shanghai.

After Shanghai’s unblocking, many people who left by train were wearing protective clothing at the Hongqiao Railway Station. Some netizens think that these are people determined to leave Shanghai. How do they feel in their hearts!

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