The Shanghai epidemic prevention agency reported multiple new Covid-19 infected cases on July 03 and 04. 

The authorities added that there is a risk of social transmission in several districts. 

The announcement came shortly after the financial hub declared a complete victory in epidemic prevention, ending two months of lockdown. 

Then, on July 05, the authorities informed all residents of 12 districts of Shanghai they must take two nucleic acid tests in three days.

These include Huangpu, Xuhui, Changning, Jing’an, Putuo, Hongkou, Yangpu, Minhang, Baoshan, part of Pudong, Jiading, and Fengxian. 

According to the official announcement, residents in these areas must undergo two acid nucleic acid tests within a specific time. 

Besides, to go out of a restricted area, they must hold a valid test certificate less than 48 hours old. 

In response to another epidemic flare-up and large-scale nucleic acid testing, Shanghai residents have vented their dissatisfaction on social media.

They complained or ridiculed ironically, 

“It’s endless.”

“Do you think this is scientific?” “Should not be locked down again!”

Meanwhile, some Shanghai residents have started to hoard food, getting ready for another lockdown. 

A netizen joked by commenting on food photos he had just posted, 

“The new season has just begun. Take more photos if you can!”

Some netizens gave ironic comments under relevant posts. For example, they said one victory is not enough, so they must be ready for another win. 

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