One Green Hornet Bee media video shows many private cars flooding into Shanghai streets to celebrate as the city reopens on June 01. 

These cars pack the tunnels, elevated roads, and highways, resulting in traffic jams at midnight in many places, such as Yan’an Road Elevated Road and the Bund. 

At the same time, another video by the media shows many residents walking out of their community to celebrate the first day of being set free after over two months of lockdown. 

They celebrate by cheering, setting off fireworks, and even opening champagne.

Some Chinese people said that Shanghainese are turning International Children’s Day into a New Year’s eve. 

Sharing with Appolo News, Lu Kexin, a high school student, said excitedly that she felt she was going crazy to be trapped inside for such a lengthy time. Therefore, she’s delighted to be able to go out. She added that today is her first time in Shanghai’s Bund in three months. 

By contrast, some netizens do not express any excitement about the reopening. Because based on the current situation, they suppose that the Shanghai government will continue to apply the lockdown in the future.

According to Chinatimes News, Shanghai is not completely unblocked despite the looser epidemic-control measures. 

Residents have to undergo a nucleic acid test every 72 hours. In addition, they can’t take public transportation or enter public places unless they have a negative test result within 72 hours. 

The authorities discouraged the gathering in large crowds, while internal use of facilities and gyms was prohibited. 

Shanghai’s long-term lockdown has placed the lives of over 25 million residents under deplorable conditions in a shortage of food, necessities, and medical treatment. 

Furthermore, the lockdown has badly affected the residents’ psychology. Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported that a survey polling 1,021 Shanghai residents showed that over 40% of Shanghainese feel depressed under lockdown, and they frequently feel depressed, hopeless, and disinterested in everything. 

A Shanghai man shared with RFA, “Everyone has a sense of resentment. My brain feels a little abnormal. I see our community like the animals detained in the zoo, and they are all dumbfounded in lockdown.”

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