Shanghainese have been using an unusual way to protest the city-wide lockdown Beijing once forcefully imposed on its 26 million residents – epidemic donation. 

After passing its zero-covid policy, Shanghai government has repeatedly called for anti-epidemic donations from its residents.

The latest data from Shanghai Pudong Red Cross shows that it has received a total of only 285 donations from May 28 to June 9. Notably, about 90 percent of these were donations with the exact amount of 3.28 yuan (or about half a dollar). Chinese netizens suspect that this unusual donation amount might be some kind of protest from Shanghainese thrown at the lockdown, which began exactly on March 28.

Besides a large number of 3.28 yuan donations, other people only donate minimal amounts, such as 1 yuan (or 15 cents), or 0.1 yuan (less than one-tenth of a dollar). Only one last donation on the list was 1000 yuan (or about 150 dollars). The total donation was only 1878 yuan (about 280 dollars).

According to Chinese language media Xin Tang Ren 新唐人, this news has sparked heated discussions on Chinese social media. A netizen from Shanghai said, “Shanghai people will never forget ‘3-28’ – the day of suffering”.

Besides, another netizen said the Shanghai government told them to donate no less than 100 yuan per person. Many netizens disagreed with this request.

Netizens complained that Shanghai was closed for more than two months. The government did not provide enough subsidies to its residents but forced the people to donate. 

Some citizens scolded Shanghai officials for allegedly embezzling donation materials from other areas in China, selling vegetables at high prices, and hollowing out the common people. Now they still have the face to ask for donations.

#Shanghai Donation#, #Shanghai Compulsory Donation# were once viral hashtags, but now they no longer produced any results due to censorship.

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