Shanghai announced that normalized nucleic acid testing would no longer be free after June.

From June 1, the price of nucleic acid single-sample testing in public medical institutions is lowered from 25 yuan (3.8 dollars) to 16 yuan (2.4 dollars). Besides, the price of mixed testing reduces from 5 yuan (0.75 dollars) per person to 3.5 yuan (0.52 dollars). Antigen testing cost falls from 15 yuan (2.2 dollars) to 6 yuan (0.9 dollars).

It is called normalized nucleic acid testing services. They are free until June 30.

From June 1, the local government requires citizens to have a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 72 hours; otherwise, they cannot enter or leave public places.

This sudden change worries Shanghai’s residents.

A citizen says that he never expects the government to charge a fee for testing.

Another asks whether a physical store is still open to selling testing kits. As a consumer, he prefers online shopping for that.

Others wonder when shops and stores resume their normal activities. They ask whether these shop owners can earn enough money to afford such a high cost of testing.

A resident says if the testing is done frequently at the people’s expense, ordinary individuals cannot afford it.

On May 31, Siping City, Jilin Province, announced that nucleic acid testing for urban resiThose who failed to do testing more than two times would be subject to 10-day detention and a fine of 500 yuan (75 dollars)dents would be carried out on June 2. . This change also shocked many people.

Xie Jinhe, chairman of Caixin Media, describes China’s large-scale nucleic acid testing as a “wartime economy,” which is equivalent to China locking itself up again. Since people take nucleic acid testing for almost every move, the operating costs of many cities will suffer after they are unlocked.

He added that when the whole world started coexisting with the virus, China was locking its doors even tighter. The cost of this reverse operation will be very high.

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