A Shanghai resident called China’s hotline 12345 on May 18 to announce she accidentally discovered a grave mistake in the Covid nucleic acid testing procedure.

She discovered the nucleic acid test tubes used in the Jiangpu Road community in Yangpu District, Shanghai, had been used the day before in the FengCheng Second Village. This region is also a well-known “positive community.”

She revealed that used cotton swabs were left in the nucleic acid sampling tube.

She added that the neighborhood committee had sent the testing reagents in a bag. Everyone had already opened them to begin testing. It was not until they scanned the barcode that they found others had already used them.

She said people were shocked. Shanghai authorities had already released the nucleic acid reports in the Village for that day. Therefore, she was concerned the tubes for the nucleic acid report made the day before were all now in her community and had contaminated the results.

In the response, the local responsible unit confirmed the case and apologized to the citizens. They said it was the staff error of mixing up used and unused test tubes. They were subsequently misused in other communities.

The conversation between a resident and the operator was then posted on the Internet, attracting many comments from citizens. Here are some of them.

Steven, a netizen, comments that this is the world’s leading anti-epidemic technology. Fighting poison with poison!

Another netizen named Jimmy Ho jokes that whether it is second-hand or not, don’t forget to ask for the fee. It doesn’t matter if it’s used or not. Remember to pay the bill is the key.

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