It has been almost four weeks since Shanghai announced its opening, but the epidemic prevention and control orders are still strictly in place. If the people of Shanghai want to have dinner at a restaurant, they must be sneaky about it.

The Shanghai authority issued an order to open the city on June 1. However, restaurants have not been allowed to do regular business so far.

Time News reported that restaurants in Shanghai are only available for takeout, and dining in is not permitted.

In response to this new policy, Shanghai restaurants surreptitiously let guests dine on-site. They turned off the lights, closed the door, and brought the diners inside.

A netizen recounted that he and his family passed a large hot pot restaurant a few days ago. Seeing dim lights in the restaurant and an employee cleaning the window, he asked: “Can I eat in?”

The employee asked softly: “How many people? “

He whispered: “Three.”

After looking around carefully, the waitress invited the group of guests to the upper floor, where it was brightly lit and the diners were happily dining.

Netizens also posted another image depicting a meal at a restaurant in Shanghai. The dining table is still very luxurious with a full range of dishes. However, there are no electric lights in the restaurant. Instead, customers use their phones as a light source and enjoy the meal together in an informal way.

Netizens said, “Now dining at restaurants in Shanghai is like fighting in a guerrilla war.”

Apollo Wang also posted an image that shows inside a restaurant in Shanghai where people are dining. Outside the frosted glass door, there are two policemen patrolling to check the status of epidemic prevention. Diners sitting near the door looked worried and watched the two policemen. The restaurant’s electric lights are all turned off, leaving only a little light through the glass doors.

Vision Times, citing another netizen, recounted that although the authorities did not allow customers to eat at the restaurant, it allowed the restaurant’s employees to come together, so there was no problem. Some people want to eat grilled food, so restaurant owners have turned them into “reluctant employees.” Therefore the diners can eat and drink without worrying about being caught. After eating, the diners write a resignation letter. Netizens said that the restaurant currently has 500 waiters.

Time News quoted Yang, a resident of Shanghai’s Huangpu district, as saying that Shanghai has not yet opened its doors to restaurants. The restaurant owners became impatient and were forced to reopen, hoping to reduce their losses.

Yang said: “Now, diners are still not allowed to dine, and can only eat in the restaurant upstairs quietly. Normally, it is not allowed to eat openly on the spot, and can only be sold to take away. Otherwise, you will be fined. My brother too, on June 21 with his friends went to dinner. They ate upstairs. Moreover, from the outside looking in, you won’t see that those inside are eating, the sad truth.”

Yang added that the restaurant owner took a risk to survive. Many restaurants have closed because they cannot last more than three months. “If you are a tenant, you also have to pay staff salaries, the rent is tens of thousands of yuan per month, three months’ rent is quite heavy, unbearable.”

Vision Times added that for now, Shanghai residents still have to take weekly nucleic acid tests, and by June 30, the government will end free nucleic acid testing.

That is, starting from July 1, Shanghai residents have to pay for their nucleic acid test fees.

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