According to Donga, to prevent Covid-19 spread, authorities in Shanghai, China’s commercial capital and most populous city, closed the entire city from March 28 to June 1. 

According to the Chinese edition of The New York Times, the tight lockdown sparked public anger over shortages of food and medicine and strict enforcement of mandatory quarantine measures.

Dong-A of mainland China reported that after 65 days, Shanghai came back. The order to lift the blockade allows people to go out, walk the streets and enter shops. The authorities have announced that Shanghai will fully return to normal life and production. (video)

However, the order to reopen does not mean that the Shanghai people are truly free.

A video recorded the Shanghai government order to quarantine at midnight. It was on June 3 at No. 4 Longyao Road.

The streets are still filled with big men wearing hazmat suits.

Shanghai Huinan Town, June 3, 2022.

One Twitter user posted a video depicting Shanghai residents queuing up for a nucleic acid test and ironically said, “People in Shanghai celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with nucleic acid testing.”

Another video shows a man on a street. Because of his abnormal body temperature, he is isolated by the police. He sits helplessly. There is also a police car parked nearby.

A man who recorded the video said authorities were putting them in quarantine and closing the house. The man refused to cooperate and said his family had been forcibly isolated.

Authorities still set up checkpoints at the residential gates.

Chinese-language media SOH reported that the rows of houses and shops that had just reopened not long ago in the Xuhui district were closed. The government set up barbed wire fences on the street.

According to Sina, Shanghai announced on June 5 that the following have been listed as medium-risk areas: Lane 1498, Weichuan Road, Yanghang Town, Baoshan District, Lane 60, Chigou Road, Jiangwan Street, Hongkou District, and No. 56 Kunming Road, Bund Street, Hongkou District.

The Chinese New York Times reported that thousands of Shanghai residents remain confined in their communities despite the easing order as new cases emerged near them. Under China’s strict regulations, being close to an infected person is enough to be sent to a centralized isolation facility.

On the other hand, after a long time of being isolated and living with food shortages, the thoughts of Shanghai residents are still full of restlessness.

A video recorded people allegedly panicking and hoarding food on June 3.

Samuel Wang, a graduate student, studying in Shanghai, said, “I think the harm of epidemic prevention is bigger than the harm of the virus itself. After two months of being detained, people are foolish. Now I want to prepare supplies for about two months at any time to make myself feel safe.”

Chinese-Language Epochtimes quoted a netizen saying he does not know if the epidemic will break out again, just knows that the refrigerator must be full. That resident said no one cares about what people are eating. Nucleic acid sites are crowded, and tests are not arriving. He asks, “Is the data real?” He hopes the epidemic will be under control.

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