Exhausted Shanghai residents are living under constant abuses from the regime’s double-down Zero-Covid. Recently, a group of Shanghai residents has tried to break away from the enforced quarantine request.

In an interview with the Da Ji Yuan news on May 13, Ms. Liang, a resident at Yuzhou International community, recalled the terrifying experience.

Ms. Liang’s place is a dual-use apartment for commercial and residential use; some are single units and others for group rentals. It qualifies for home isolation conditions, but the Epidemic Prevention Department staff said they had close contact with the infected case in the building because their sewers were connected.

On the night of May 11, she and many other residents were pulled on the bus transferring to the isolation center. The prevention staff claimed that the place was made for close contact cases. But the residents didn’t believe that. So they refused to get off the bus. Instead, the group chose to walk back to the community. There was an older man in his 80s having diabetes. He was slowing everyone down, but he was very determined to leave the place immediately.

Finally, they reached the Jinqiao Town government. The local authorities there promise to send them back to where they live. There, they got on the bus again.

They arrived at the isolation camps near their residential area at almost 4 a.m. on May 12. The group remained on the bus. Suddenly around five or six o’clock, a driver and two prevention staff got in the car. As soon as they got onto the vehicle, the atmosphere was strange. They soon realized the driver had locked them up. They didn’t know where they were being taken to.

The passengers started to panic. They begged the driver to let them go. Some smashed the door for help.

The driver said that he had no choice but to execute his boss’s order. Eventually, he decided to stop the bus.

Ms. Liang recalled that a group of so-called epidemic prevention personnel came to pick them up. They said they got some new requirements from their boss.

They were willing to arrange them with a new isolation place, not just any other square cabin, which Ms. Liang was afraid of.

According to Supchina, head of WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus began to waver as he urged China to rethink its strict COVID controls.

Tedros’s remarks soon get censored from the Chinese internet hours later. Many Weibo users resorted to sarcasm to get around the censorship of expressing their support for Tedros.

A Weibo user commented, “I support China withdrawing from WHO and withdrawing from the Earth.”

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