After two months of tight lockdown, Shanghai has gradually reopened. Citizens have regained their freedom and are finding ways to communicate what they lived and felt during the days of the blockade. 

Recently, in a viral video called “Negative Wings,” the author used 61 quick Covid test kits to make a pair of wings and recorded himself passing through many of Shanghai’s iconic landmarks. This video has gained wide attention in China.

On June 2nd, several short video platforms spread the video clip titled “Negative Wings,” which quickly sparked heated discussions among netizens after it was discovered it was inspired by the song “Invisible Wings” by Taiwanese Mandopop singer Angela Chang.

According to China’s VTC News, the author, a man surnamed Han, said that he and his girlfriend used 61 negative nucleic acid test kits to form a pair of small wings. When talking about his creative inspiration, he said he always thinks about homonyms. He suddenly thought of the homonyms in the phrase “Invisible Wings” and “Negative Wings,” which are similarly pronounced “yinxing” in Chinese. “After I had this idea, I quickly made it a reality,” he said. He and his girlfriend rode their bike to several of Shanghai’s famous locations to record a video he said was “just to save memories for myself.”

The author also said: “Me and my girlfriend are both very excited and happy right now. Despite two difficult months, we still love this city.”

With the official announcement of easing restrictions, many videos and pictures of Shanghai residents leaving the community to travel were spreading on Weibo. The topic “Shanghai has come back” has been top in the search trend, according to Sound of Hope

According to this topic, some media accounts have been actively reporting on Shanghai’s “complete restoration of order, production and normal life” and celebrating Shanghai’s “return” but do not mention the word “open.” But some netizens started summarizing the chaos in Shanghai’s epidemic prevention work after the city was closed for two months.

Sound of Hope said, the bottom of the official Weibo of many media has become a place of chaotic debate, and some Weibo accounts of the official media channels only display selected comments or close the comment section.

Sound of Hope has published some netizens’ comments as follows: “Shanghai has lifted the blockade. It started on April Fool’s Day (April 1st) and ended on Children’s Day (June 1st).”

Another said: “I’m afraid those who praise this probably have a problem with intelligence below (an IQ less than) 20. Some people and some policies will eventually be etched into the stone of shame in history. What’s even more ridiculous is that some henchmen kneel in the mud but have the malice of a dominator.”

Another pointed out: “No leader has been prosecuted for this confusion, and no one apologizes to those harmed in this chaos. Shanghai is back, but in my mind, Shanghai can’t go back like it used to be.”

“The method of spiritual victory has begun again! Shanghai hasn’t been locked down (any more), but there will always be a city waiting to be shut down next. In addition, this epidemic has moved Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai into so-called the never-ending form of normalized testing.”

Lian Qingchuan, a media celebrity, wrote about Shanghai’s opening on the WeChat public account, which VTC News reposted.

“Forgive me for not being able to create a happy expression at the moment, perhaps my heavy feelings come at the wrong time. After suffering is over, it is a sin to talk about joy. And if this suffering is of our own making, it would be a shame to forget it. Having the courage to ask questions, the ability to remember and the perseverance to ask questions should be thoughts of the minority that we should hold firmly in June. Although I know how fragile this thought is, its probability being put in a ‘404 Not Found Error’ is very high.”

In China, the articles and online posts that do not match the government’s direction and wishes will disappear when searching and will show results ‘404 Not Found Error’. So the term “404” refers to opinions that the government does not approve of.

Lian Qingchuan’s post reads: “Our country seems to be particularly good at forgetting. After each disaster, we can always find our way back to survival, life, and even joy. If we still talk about our life so easily and choose to forget so hastily, we will find that another calamity is soon waiting for us.”

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