Lockdowns in some communities in Shanghai have just been lifted and then under lockdowns again, sparking public anger.

Recently, residents of Changle Road in Shanghai’s Jing’an District continued to protest against the closure of the District and the arresting people for isolation.

When police arrested one resident, others gathered at the area entrance to show their support for the detained person. In the video, some residents shouted slogans of Freedom and democracy in protest of violent law enforcement.

Shanghai citizens: “Arresting people can be done without a basis. They set up green iron fence without telling us the reasons and regulations. Not a single point! And then, now the people are taken away.”

On that day, two neighborhood residents were arrested by police, and two activists lost contact.

Police brutality provoked public outrage, and some people called on all Shanghainese to rise against it.

In Fenglin New Village, Xuhui District, a new possible positive case might have been confirmed, and the whole area is under lockdown again, triggering public discontent.

Shanghai residents: “It was just opened, and then closed again.”

The people of Shanghai also came out to buy food after the closure, but they were blocked on the road.

Shanghai citizens: “We buy a vegetable, just said we can come out, we two come out to buy a vegetable. Two of us were blocked on the road and were not allowed to leave.

Some areas in Shanghai have just been lifted for two days and then under lockdown again.

There is also a Shanghai supermarket closed; customers are locked inside.

Shanghai citizen: “Yuanhua supermarket shut down, many customers inside. It is closed, they can not come out. I don’t know why.”

Another video shows a 98-year-old Shanghai man being pulled out of a quarantine site and falling down on the road with no one to help him, making people sweat.

In Dandong City, Liaoning Province, China, as of June 5, it has been under half lockdown for more than 80 days, with traffic halted, express delivery stopped, and 37 rounds of universal nucleic acid, and the source of the two outbreaks still unidentified. Some residents have been confined to Dandong Oriental Hospital and are starving due to food shortages.

At the same time, Beijing is still in the midst of a massive expansion of the Danfang Hospital, with rows of white buildings going up to the third floor. However, Beijing authorities claim that seven new local cases were confirmed on June 7, and the public questions the true intent of Beijing’s expansion.

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