Authorities announced that they lifted lockdown restrictions in Shanghai last Monday, but its residents are still under lockdown in the city.

The finance hub’s residents said that they still face travel restrictions, stay-at-home orders, and other Covid-fighting measures in their daily lives.

A Shanghai private group, “Shanghai Self-Rescue Autonomy Committee,” which first appeared on the internet last month, has issued another statement, or “declaration.” They call Shanghai citizens to join hands to save the whole city and its autonomy.

The statement calls on all the people of China to come together to decide their destiny and defend their rights, fight for autonomy and resist tyranny.

The statement criticized Beijing’s “zero-Covid” policy and described restriction measures by authorities as inhuman, violating fundamental human rights such as family separation and forced quarantine.

It further compared such forced measures from the Chinese regime to those in the Cultural Revolution, like being in quarantine sites is the same as in concentration camps.

The statement also condemned top Chinese officials’ corruption, saying they enjoyed lavish Western lives while ignoring the people during the pandemic.

It then offers several ways, such as bypassing internet blocking in China to learn the truth, gathering groups to help people in need, etc.

Besides Shanghai, residents in Beijing have also encountered strict lockdown measures. In addition, Beijing authorities have upgraded their anti-epidemic approach, and they are adopting faster and tougher measures to block the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Authorities also shut down bus and metro stations in Fengtai, a district of 2 million people. Residents of the neighborhood were told to stay home starting from Friday.

Nan Xing Yuan residents in Chaoyang District were forcibly moved to hotel quarantine overnight, sparking fear and anger. The incident came after authorities detected 26 Covid-positive cases in the neighborhood.

At a press conference last week, Beijing authorities said that the epidemic situation in the city had been grim, and they further tightened Covid-fighting measures.

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