The people of Shanghai gathered for two days on November 26 and 27 to remember those who died in the fire in Urumqi on November 24 due to the lockdown. Authorities sent a large number of police to suppress the incident and many people were arrested. They then tore down street signs in Urumqi and banned stationery stores from selling white paper.

On the afternoon of November 27, hundreds of people gathered at the intersection of Urumqi Road and Wuyuan Road in central Shanghai to silently protest, holding white sheets of paper and bundles of flowers. The police blocked their way. At night, there was an endless stream of people coming to watch or cheer. The crowd chanted slogans including “No more nucleic acid testing,” “freedom,” and “police let people go” several times to show solidarity with the protesters who had been arrested the day before. According to Lianhe Zaobao, the police arrested at least 5 protesters.

The day before, hundreds of Shanghai residents had come to the intersection of Urumqi Middle Road and Anfu Road in Xuhui District in memory of the victims of the fire. The authorities sent a large number of police to surround the scene and disperse the crowd. People at the scene chanted slogans, “Down with the Communist Party,” “Xi Jinping resign,” and “Lift the lockdown of Xinjiang.” A video posted by Twitter account Old Driver shows two police cars with people the police arrested.

The account Rogue Fighter posted a video and said, “At 8 p.m. tonight, there were still schoolgirls in Shanghai who did not miss a single word, they were at the forefront chanting the three-strikes slogan at Sitong Bridge: Strike, strike, dismiss the traitor (Xi Jinping). … There were calls to release people at the scene, and many people responded, praising the conscientious young people in this country in tears!”

A Shanghai citizen by the name of Wang , said that the Shanghai government was terrified. He said, “This morning I saw that the stationery store Chenguang no longer selling white paper, which is A4 paper [standard letter size]. They announced it was a white paper revolution by foreign powers. Even the street signs in Urumqi were taken down. I thought, ‘Doesn’t it show the government is weak?’ What they’re doing is negative propaganda. It’s a sign of incompetence among those in power.”

There is also a video showing plainclothes police officer in a police vehicle wanting a woman’s mobile phone, but the woman refuses so the officer closed the curtain and slapped her in the face. 

Li Yuanhua, a former associate professor at the Capital Normal University in Beijing, said, “The Chinese have finally realized that the COVID-19 pandemic itself is nothing to be afraid of, but the corrupt CCP system is the key to the harmful effects of the pandemic.” He added, “Many people can’t stand it anymore. Especially after the fire in Urumqi, many people have died unjustly, and the deaths are all due to the brutal lockdown. Now everyone has seen what really happened to Urumqi today is what will happen to everyone tomorrow, a lot of people feel the same way. Everyone will rise up at a certain point.”

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