Shanghai reopened on June 1 after 65 days of tight lockdown. However, the joy of the Shanghai people did not last long when, just a week later, many areas were blocked again.

Some netizens posted an announcement that Huamu Street in New Pudong on June 6 closed again for 14 days. 

The Linfen Garden community in Jing’an District was locked down at night. Workers welded the metal plates to prevent people from leaving the area. 

Many other areas in Shanghai were also locked … Even during the night … A vehicle carrying barriers is used to shut people.

 Barriers are set up along the road.

Tanxi Village, Pudong New Area, has been locked down.

In some places, because the barriers have not been installed yet, “the big white” themselves formed “made by Dabai” shields.

Shanghai Pujiang Xindu also closed.

Chinese-language media Sound of Hope quoted Shanghai residents when they heard they were closed again.

Ms. Wang said, “There was another positive case in Hongkou, and everyone who said it was from a community was taken away and sent to the makeshift hospital.”…” The bus took the people in the building to the makeshift hospital.”

Mr. Shen said that many places in Shanghai were blocked again, causing local people to remain in panic, “Now I don’t go out anyway at home, because I don’t dare to go to public places outside. After that, I am afraid I will be locked again anytime, anywhere, so I dare not go out.”

At the same time, Mr. Shen was worried that he would fall into the predicament of insufficient food again and had to venture out to stock up on food. He said, “I went out yesterday to buy some seafood, fish, and meat.”

Some residents quickly left with their luggage.

Aboluowang posted a video showing that, on June 7, Hunan Street in Xuhui District, was closed for another 14 days.

People have brought suitcases, bags and many other items to leave the place.

The videographer said, “Everybody in the area ran away, oh my!”

A video shows a man carrying his mattress.

The reopening has angered residents, who have taken some action against the closure

A resident is using his foot to break the barrier.

And in a similar case, people broke the corrugated board across the road.

There was also a video showing some residents shouting angrily and shaking the locked iron gate.

Aboluowang also cited a video showing a Shanghai man protesting in front of the closed iron fence, holding a loudspeaker and playing a recording: “In the early morning of June 4, illegal operations were carried out in our community, and the fence privately imprisoned the building. That night, unknown groups entered the community, dressed in white clothes, did not show their faces, and did not report the name of their department. They repeatedly went door to door and violently smashed the door until late at night. For unknown reasons, they coerced and lured, and even coaxed and deceived people as they wanted to transfer the entire community.”

A man said: “Encircle the entire neighborhood into a place like a concentration camp, and restrict the freedom of residents.”

On June 8, Chinese artist Hua Yong posted a video. In the video, a man dressed in black playing the recording is arrested by several policemen. At the scene, people shout at the police: “Why do you arrest people? Why do you arrest people?”

Hua Yong revealed, “Two residents have been taken away, and two activists recorded at the scene have lost contact. It is known that the black-clothed youth has been detained for ten days. The street leader did not honor his promise yesterday into a more severe lockdown.”

“Shanghai is still in a state of closure. Seeing young people in Shanghai stand up and resist fearlessly gives us hope! As the old man said at the end of the clip: ‘If you don’t stand up, there will be no hope, and 10,000 people will not be locked in prisons. A million people!'”

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