Residents are demanding to disband a neighborhood committee in Shanghai after a video leaked online show its member enjoying high-quality food while limiting the residents to instant noodles.

A video posted online shows inside a neighborhood committee office at Yulan Qingyuan community, Xujing 徐泾 Town, Shanghai. Several staff women were seen enjoying “Swiss rolls” at their desks. Follow-up footage showed angry residents throwing instant noodle cartons into the bushes outside the building, with epidemic prevention personnel and public security guarding close by.

The video continues with footage showing residents chanting their requests like “dissolve the neighborhood committee”, “step down”, “get out,” and so on.

According to some netizens, the Xujing Town has banned express delivery, takeout, and online group buying for the whole neighborhood since May 8. The community only started supplying instant noodles on May 14. But on the same day, the video capturing the neighborhood committee staff’s staff eating what appeared to be Swiss rolls was posted online, raising widespread scrutiny. They questioned whether the Swiss rolls came from online group buying, which stayed out of residents’ reach.

Two days later, the Xujing Town Committee released an official response. It said that the Swiss Roll didn’t come from online shopping but was given to the staff on duty by colleagues in the prevention area. The Swiss rolls are just condolences and gifts. The statement claims that neighborhood committee staff satiated their hunger in the middle of the night after a busy day.

However, netizens on Chinese social media Weibo quickly dismissed this excuse. One said that the neighborhood committee is low on supplies, and all foreign materials are rejected. There is no way the Swiss Roll could be here.

Some netizens said the man who filmed the Swiss Roll scandal was questioned by the police and detained for five days.

Some mocked that once again, the authorities don’t solve the problem but solve the person who raised the issue.

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