Many Shanghai residents now have entered their sixth week of living under the long-lasting lockdown. As a result, they are trying to figure out how to buy fresh supplies on a daily basis. Millions of residents have been venting their frustrations on social media.

In recent days, a video of a person in white hazmat suit killing live fish at the gate of a community in Shanghai has aroused public attention.

In the circulated video, a man wearing protective clothing grabbed each fish with bare hands and used all his strength to hit the fish to the ground.

According to Chinese media news outlet Sina, the incident happened at the entrance of a community Dahua Yangcheng Garden in Jing’an District, Shanghai. And the man was identified as the group buying leader in Shanghai.

Chinese media news outlet Sohu cited a staff member of the neighborhood committee as saying that live fish are not allowed to enter the community because they could carry Covid-19. Therefore, the head of the group buying had to kill the fish before giving them to the residents.

Some netizens then wondered if killing the fish could also kill the virus. Others said they weren’t surprised by what happened in Shanghai.

Back in March, the medical staff tested a fish for Covid-19 in an aquatic market in Shanghai. They opened the mouth of the fish and shoved a cotton swab into it. Some netizens then asked if this was a waste of medical resources. Some wondered if fish can be tested for COVID via their mouths like humans since fish breathe with gills.

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