Shanghai is conducting mass nucleic acid testing for its residents in a bid to curb the resurgence of Covid-19. 

In accordance with government notice, residents in most districts will be confined to their houses until the testing in their neighborhoods is done.

In a series of videos uploaded on June 10, citizens filmed many scenes of Shanghai during this period.

In many communities in Shanghai, a large number of prevention and control workers gathered together to prevent residents from leaving the community.

In another video, a welder is working, and sparks are scattered in the night. Multiple staff is busy erecting fences and blockades across the city.

Worried that the city would be closed again, Shanghai residents began to rush to the supermarket to buy daily necessities and food.

In panic, locals plucked store shelves in the hopes of obtaining enough food to sustain themselves.

A video on the Internet also shows many people lining up in front of the shop, waiting for their turn to buy food. Some even bought half of the pig and carried it on their shoulders.

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