LiQiang, secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, on June 25, announced at the congress that Shanghai had achieved a dynamic social reset and won the battle to defend the greater Shanghai from the epidemic. But local citizens believe that the authorities are covering up the truth.

A Shanghai resident from Pudong, Wang, told Chinese media outlet Da Ji Yuan that the official message is that the battle against the epidemic has been won. But if they had lost, they must also say they had won. Government officials have permanently moved from one victory to another.

He said that Shanghai has not fully returned to normal. When entering shopping malls, subways, buses, and taxis, nucleic acid certificates and health codes must be checked. Dining in restaurants is not allowed, so some restaurants open their doors in secrecy, and diners feel like thieves when they eat in a restaurant.

He said that if it is not for daily necessities, many citizens rarely go to the mall for shopping. Many families’ economic situation is in distress after two or three months.

Another Shanghai citizen, named Gu, said that in foreign countries, people only say that the epidemic is over, not that the government has won the epidemic. The government turns natural disasters and man-made disasters into opportunities for praise.

He said that this epidemic has caused many citizens to die unnecessarily. Hospital outpatient clinics have been closed. Citizens cannot seek medical treatment when they are sick. Many people are unable to work. Their mortgage payments have been cut off.

He added that the streets are now full of police officers and police cars. It doesn’t look like a normal country.

Gu said that if you ask the people of Shanghai, no one says that the authorities did a good job defending the city from the epidemic.

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