As Yahoo News reported on June 6, there is a rumor that has been circulated on Weibo recently. The rumor states that “Shanghai will be closed for another month on June 20, and there will be no express delivery and no takeaway… The source of the information is the internal notice of Meituan and Didi.”

In this regard, the Shanghai Rumors Refusal Platform said it had received confirmation from the Shanghai Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control’s office. It said that the rumors were untrue, and the relevant claims were fabricated.

Some Shanghai residents, however, did not believe the official denial of rumors. It’s because they have experienced what officials’ previous denials are likely to become true.

Shanghai officials announced that they would be temporarily closed and controlled at the end of March this year. However, the entire city of Shanghai remained under lockdown for more than two months from that time till June 1.

One said: Last time it said that the city would not be closed, but it ended up being closed for two months.

Another wrote: Whether it’s true or not, anyway, believe it first. After all, the rumors have been refuted, and the stockpiling has begun!

Many netizens said Shanghai is still unable to send and receive express delivery, and “Shanghai Express” was listed on Weibo’s hot search. 

Regarding the official refutation of the re-lockdown rumor, netizens joked that if it’s not true, then try to send them goods through courier so that they might believe it.

Earlier this week, as Singapore’s CNA news reported, many Shanghai residents remained stuck inside community compounds nearly a week after Shanghai announced its reopening; some city neighborhoods are in fear of getting locked down again.

Footage on June 7 shows that another community in Shanghai experienced the same situation. Behind the locked-down community gate, those people smashed the gate to demand the lockdown be lifted. 

The channel is unable to verify the incident that happened in the video.

Earlier this week, an Agence France Press reporter saw a dozen people shout at Xuhui District officials in hazmat-suit. These people were locked in their fenced-off housing compound.

Behind the fence rows, they chanted, “Serve the people!” at those on duty.

A resident said the community was suddenly put back into lockdown on June 4.

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