Shanghai health commission official Zhao Dandan said at a news conference on May 17 that all 16 districts in the city have fully achieved Zero-Covid at the community level. As a result, they would gradually resume everyday life and production activities.

The statement comes a day after Shanghai vowed to gradually ease its strict lockdown and return life to normal on June 1.

Deputy Mayor Zong Ming said that from June 1 to mid-and-late June, Shanghai would make epidemic prevention and control a normalized routine. Besides, they would fully restore normal production and life in the city.

However, Shanghai citizens are surprised and skeptical at the gap between official announcements and the reality of life under an enduring lockdown.

As reported by New Straits Times, millions of people in the city were still unable to leave their residential compounds on May 17. In addition, more than 3.8 million people were officially still under the strictest forms of lockdown citywide.

Some netizens replied they were still at home on the 42nd day, and they couldn’t get out of their doors.

A netizen says he doesn’t know what the notice of work resumption is. Resumption sounds like good news, but for many stores, the problem is now they cannot resume.

A Weibo user states that authorities can fool him, but please don’t do it too often.

The People’s Daily, the CCP’s mouthpiece, showed images of reopened restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets on May 16.

One resident on social media presented that although he was not allowed to go out, he could feel a real sense of warmth from this fake news. He gave many thanks to People’s Daily.

Another netizen even joked, asking, “Is that Shanghai in a parallel world?”

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