A 93-year-old grandma in Shanghai was mistakenly announced dead on May 10. The incident took place in Zhoupu Hospital in Pudong New Area.

According to her relative’s account, the grandma was infected with the COVID virus in April. The nursing home where she stayed then transferred her to the hospital for treatment. On April 22, the hospital informed the family that the grandma had died. At the time, her son couldn’t make it to the hospital to see her because of the restrictions. Still, the family confirmed the information. She was sent to a funeral home for cremation on the same day.

The family was not allowed to see her for the last time. They only received photos of the coffin, condolence cards, and her shroud.

However, on the evening of May 10, the nursing home suddenly informed her son that his mother was not dead. The elderly had recovered and been discharged from the hospital. This incident shocked the whole family.

On May 11, the nursing home sent her son photos of her being strong and alive.
Jiangsu-based commentator Zhang Jianping told Radio Free Asia that what was even more terrifying was the identification of the cremated person.

Earlier this month, Chinese residents eyewitnessed a still-alive man taken to the funeral home in Baoshan district. The staff opened the body bag and found the man was still breathing.

Lu Jun, a founder of a non-profit organization in Beijing, told RFA that these actions have caused violated the legitimate rights and interests of the people.

However, in China, citizens’ rights protection has never been an easy task, and the cost of rights protection is very high. In this case, rights defenders need professional legal service.

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