Since Shanghai relaxed anti-epidemic measures in mid-May, a large number of people have rushed to leave the city via major railway stations, especially Hongqiao Railway Station.

However, many people are trapped outside Hongqiao Station due to train suspension, failure to get tickets, nucleic acid testing, and health codes.

Local authorities then try to resettle the stranded prospective passengers.

According to The Paper, around 2,000 trapped people are under resettlement every day.

As local media and Weibo news reported, many passengers were worried that their neighborhood committee or the street office would change the policy. Therefore, they would be unable to leave the community.

People can book tickets online or on-site.

However, even if people can reach Hongqiao Station, they cannot leave immediately. The main reasons are the limited number of high-speed and ordinary trains, the possibility of cancellations due to new epidemic outbreaks in various places, and the limited number of seats.

Some people have even stayed outside the station for several days but still can’t return to their hometowns.

Moreover, people must take nucleic acid testing within 48 hours before boarding the train. Nevertheless, if their trip is canceled or they cannot get tickets, they must retake the test after its expiration. Consequently, they will get stuck at the station.

It has been raining heavily for several days in Shanghai recently. The station’s authorities have built facilities such as canopies to deal with the weather problem. 

Many stranded passengers sleep on the ground under the shelters at night. They use mobile toilet taps to wash their hair.

Due to many stranded people, the scene outside Hongqiao Station has been gaining public attention recently. As a result, some Chinese companies collect instant noodles and mineral water supplies and then distribute them to these travelers.

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