According to China Digital Times, the WeChat public account of the Linshu County Health Bureau released a notice on August 9 “Announcement on the launch of the city’s nucleic acid testing “Competition” for all employees.” The announcement attracted attention and caused a heated debate.

The content of the announcement required randomly selecting one community and one village as medium-risk areas to take a nucleic acid test and conduct “The whole chain, the whole process, the whole element comprehensive practical exercise.” During the event period, some areas would be closed and controlled. For example, people aren’t allowed to record videos or take photos to post online.

Authorities called it a big contest, making netizens feel very uncomfortable. They leave many comments about this topic. “Digitalogic,” said: “Nucleic acid testing is already regarded as a proud business.” “Zuiwancheng,” said: “A community is also randomly selected and set as a medium-risk area. If there is no risk, the risk must be created.” Some people also mockingly “Suggested joining the Olympic program.”

Due to the enormous controversy, authorities deleted the “big contest” announcement.

Netizens accused MINISO of insulting China by calling Chinese dolls ‘Japanese geisha’

MINISO, a Chinese daily necessities and grocery retailer, was accused by netizens of insulting China because Chinese cheongsam dolls were called “Japanese geisha.”

On August 9, Miniso apologized for this problem, saying that its Spanish agency team had incorrectly translated the Chinese cheongsam doll as “Japanese geisha. Miniso had asked the team to delete the relevant posts immediately. Miniso also promised that they would further strengthen the management of the global agency system and strictly avoid the recurrence of such problems. 

According to Sohu, MINISO was founded in Guangzhou in 2013. By the end of last year, MINISO had more than 5,000 stores worldwide, of which more than 1,900 were overseas. Although many MINISO products are low prices, there are doubts about the brand’s “pseudo-Japanese style.”

Shanghai just announced it overcame the pandemic, only to require renewed COVID testing

According to NetEase, Shanghai authorities released an announcement on August 8th saying there have been no COVID-positive cases for seven days since July 31st. Besides, the epidemic risk area within the city of Shanghai is “Zero- Covid.” Therefore, Shanghai has overcome the difficulties of the epidemic.

However, Shanghai people still have to take nucleic acid testing as part of life. Shanghai health authorities said the Minhang district would be placed under “closed management,” and all residents will be nucleic acid tested on August 11th. The closure will be lifted after the sampling is over.

On the same day, Meilong Town, Minhang District, Shanghai, reported that from the 10th to the 12th, nucleic acid screening for all people in the town was carried out for three consecutive days. It is required that no one person is to be missed. During the screening period, people are not to go out unless it is necessary and commercial outlets are closed.

Additionally, Shanghai Huangpu District issued a notice that people in the entire district will undergo nucleic acid screening from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on the 13th.

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