The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, short for CCDI, published a post on Feb. 9 on Abu, the former Secretary of the Chamdo Municipal Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Abu was recently detained and accused of interfering in engineering projects and of corruption on a grand scale.

Abu interfered with the inspection work, organized others to collude in confessions, transferred stolen goods, accepted gifts from management service objects, and accepted private business owners’ banquets and travel and entertainment arrangements. In addition, Abu interfered in engineering projects, lived a corrupt and depraved life, formed interest alliances with private business owners, and helped them win engineering projects in exchange for a massive amount of money under the table.

Abu was removed from office in May 2021 and resigned on May 18.

The CCDI did not disclose details on business projects and the bribery money involved in the case. 

Abu was born in March 1967, a native of Lhasa, Tibet. He served as the Deputy Secretary and Director of the Lhasa City Construction Bureau, the Deputy Mayor of Lhasa, the Secretary of the Chamdo Municipal Committee, a member of the Political and Legal Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee and the Party Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region Justice Department, and the first political commissar of the Tibet Autonomous Region Prison Administration.

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