With rising in COVID cases, Chengdu, the capital of the southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan, went into a Covid lockdown on September 1st. Last week, the authorities decided to extend the COVID lockdown, with no date for it to be lifted.

China’s strict Zero-Covid policy will likely become the second “Cultural Revolution.” In the last few days, an elderly women’s organization, ‘Bangbanger Corps’ in Chengdu, has maintained COVID lockdown and control. It reminds people of the “Red Guards” in the old years. Netizens then accused the CCP of continuing to “provoke the masses to fight against the masses.”

The women reportedly came from the Longjing Community Street Office in Chengdu, Sichuan. They patrol the streets day and night. The video shows that they wore red armbands on their left arms. Holding a wooden stick, they aggressively force those citizens who did not comply with the authorities’ COVID prevention regulations.

In a community in Longjing Community, they took a group photo in front of the “Party and Mass Service Station,” which indicates the group was likely to have been formed under official direction.

Netizens in Sichuan mocked the video after it was published online, saying that as if they “returned to more than 50 years ago overnight.”

Some netizens said that the Chinese regime’s trick called “give some people power, let the masses fight against the masses” was repeated.

Recently, a video took place at Foshan, Guangdong, showing how villagers attacked the people who did not cooperate with authorities’ regulations.

In the video, the suspected COVID-positive person tried to escape the locals. However, under someone’s order, many villagers armed with sticks and other tools chased and caught that person in a field.

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