In the recent month, the pandemic situation in Tianjin has become serious again, many areas were locked down or put in a state of static management. A few days ago, when Gu Qing, chairman of the Health and Medical Department of Tianjin, was broadcasting his speech, a female citizen angrily commented, and was immediately called by the police. However, the woman was praised by many Tianjin residents and called “Tianjin heroine.”

The Tianjin female citizen scoldshealth official

On September 28, a screenshot was posted on Twitter overseas, showing Gu Qing, head of the Tianjin Municipal Health and Medical Department, being angrily scolded by citizen Dan Xiaoyuan during a live broadcast. The tweet said, “All the Tianjin people are happy, she is cursing well. Dan Xiaoyuan became famous for resisting the lockdown and pandemic control policy of Tianjin.”

Screenshot information shows that on the same day, the Tianjin police arrived at the her home and almost took her to custody. According to NTDTV, Dan’s husband responded on social media, saying that the whole city knows about this, and fortunately she is a woman, otherwise she would be in police custody.

But a lot of netizens in Tianjin praised Dan as “The great female hero,” “The new female hero,” and “Everyone is cheering for Dan Xiaoyuan.”

Government officially denied the rumor “locking down the city from October 1”

The 20th National Congress of the CCP will soon be upon us and Tianjin has stepped up its pandemic controls. On September 28, it was reported on the internet that Tianjin would go into lockdown for three days from October 1.

Tianjin officials immediately denied the rumor, but the general public did not believe the officials. Some netizens said that locking down the city for three days is a rumor, the actual situation could be 5 or 7 days. Some people recalled that before Chengdu’s lockdown in September, a social media account named “Rainforest” foretold of the lockdown, then it was denied by officials and the person arrested. In the end, Chengdu was really locked down. Therefore, everyone should still prepare necessities in advance.

A resident of Tianjin Binhai New Residential Area named Tang, told Radio Free Asia (RFA) that although officials say the city lockdown is a rumor, over the past few months, there have been intermittent and short-term lockdowns in various areas, and she and other residents have been preparing essentials.

Tang said “It’s been more than 5 months, we have to test every other day. No one wants to wait in line for the test. We really can’t stand it, but we have to endure it anyway. We got used to it after a while. I have prepared some food in reserve, every house does this.”

According to RFA, a current affairs commentator by the name of Sangpu said that Tianjin’s official rejection of the rumor was consistent with the CCP’s need to maintain stability in a sensitive period, and was concerned that a large number of Tianjin people would flood into Beijing. He said, “Not admitting the city lockdown, is because after knowing that the city is about to close, most people in Tianjin will rush to Beijing within a few hours, this will affect the stability of the 20th National Congress.”

Li Fatian, a current affairs commentator, said: “How did the rumor about the city lockdown spread? It must of course be an insider leak. It shows that insiders also don’t have a sense of security, they know that once the city is closed, the government will basically not have the capacity to serve residents under lockdown, and they may not be able to keep up with supplies. So they want to let their family and friends know in advance to prepare, but then their family and friends continued to spread the news leading to the leak.”

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