Sanya is known as the Hawaii of China. It is located in southern China at the southern tip of Hainan island and has beautiful beaches and a tropical climate, making it an ideal summer vacation destination. 

From 6 a.m. on August 6, Sanya implemented temporary global static management or lockdown. Aside from the suspension of public transportation, people’s movements inside the city were also restricted

The news that “a family of 13 staying in Sanya for seven days will cost 180,000 yuan”, nearly $27,000, attracted people’s attention on the Internet.

As Chinese media The Paper reported on August 7, Xu Feng (pseudonym) and his family found themselves stranded on the island on the day they were about to leave. 

This happened when Sanya informed the new measures for the whole city one day earlier. Moreover, Sanya Phoenix International Airport has canceled all inbound and outbound flights for August 7.

Xu Feng’s family consists of 10 adults and three children, the youngest being only two years old. On July 31, he and his family traveled from Chengdu to Sanya to enjoy their vacation at the popular tourist hub. 

On the evening of August 5, they packed their luggage, preparing to go home. However, they realized their flight back to Chengdu on August 6 was canceled. 

On the morning of the lockdown implementation, he made several attempts to book flights, but to no avail. 

Unable to leave this place, Xu Feng’s family decided to stay in the well-known resort hotel, Mandarin Oriental, in Sanya. 13 people stayed in five rooms, and the cost for each room per night was 5,000 yuan (about $740.) 

The hotel then agreed to extend the stay at half price, or 2,500 yuan (about $370) per room each night, in accordance with government regulations.

In addition to the cost of accommodation, meals are another big challenge. Xu said that the hotel only offered breakfast, so each of them had to spend 700 yuan (about $103) for lunch and dinner.

Xu then estimated that the total amount of money for 13 people in his family needed to spend each day was 26,500 yuan (about $3900) during the stay. However, the latest epidemic prevention policy of Sanya City requires stranded tourists to stay for seven days and have five negative Covid tests before leaving. 

Xu then said that staying for seven days means the family’s cost is as high as 180,000 yuan (nearly $ 27,000.)

The news then prompted discussion on social media, some comments were not sympathetic:

One commented: Obviously, there are cheaper homestays or something that can be exchanged. If you choose to continue to stay in luxury hotels, it is obviously not bad for the money. Do we need to worry about it?

Another said: The 13 people who traveled are not bad for the money. In other words: at this time, you have to take the corresponding risks when you go out. Don’t cry poor, people who have no money are working.

In a recent video, stranded tourists in Sanya gather at the hotel lobby, shouting ‘reduce room rates.’ The caption shows that the video happened at noon on August 8. [Video]

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