Newsis reported on May 16 that the South Korean Defense Work and Industrial Technology Crime Division of the Suwon District prosecutor’s office arrested and prosecuted two SEMES employees and two business partners who leaked “supercritical cleaning equipment” from Samsung Electronics’ subsidiary SEMES to China.

They are charged with violating the Act on the Prevention of Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets.

They are said to have received 1.8 billion dollars and contacted a research institute in China, claiming that they could produce supercritical cleaning equipment by 2018.

They are also accused of manufacturing supercritical cleaning equipment and supplying it to China.

A supercritical cleaner is a modern device that uses supercritical carbon dioxide, a state indistinguishable from liquid and gas, to dry semiconductor cleaning chemicals.

An official from the prosecution said that the investigation into the case is currently ongoing, so they cannot reveal any further details.

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