Following a series of days of high temperatures in China, a beautiful phenomenon appeared in the salt fields in Dingbian, Shaanxi Province.

According to scientists, the high temperature in the past few days has promoted the evaporation of minerals in the lake, changed the amount of salt, and caused the algae mats in the reservoirs to change color, turning the water into yellow, red, pink, and green.

This beautiful scene takes place at Gouchi Salt Lake, Dingbian, Shaanxi Province. The colorful salt pools are like an eyeshadow palette.

The salt lake at the time of color change is a tourist attraction for many tourists. This magical sight has attracted a lot of attention from netizens, with more than 1 million views. Most of the netizens were impressed by the beauty of nature. One of them said that this field is as clear as an eyeshadow palette or a box of colorful donuts.

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