As reported by Economic Daily on July 18, Beijing has recently launched consumption vouchers for food and beverage. The total value reaches almost 15 million dollars. It aims to stimulate domestic demand as the leading force for economic growth as the Chinese economy is sagging down. 

Beijing expects more than 70,000 physical and online merchants will join in the initiative. However, netizens worry about the effectiveness.

The vouchers would be issued to consumers at 10 am every day starting from July 18. There are different kinds of vouchers, such as takeaway, in-store, as well as for the elderly and the disabled. 

Consumption vouchers are issued through CCB Life, Meituan,, and Maijian Takeaway. Other platforms like and UnionPay will also start their issuance one after another.

A single voucher is limited to one time and can only be used on the same day.

The vouchers are available in two denominations, 2.2 dollars for spending over 7.4 dollars and 4.5 dollars for spending over 15 dollars. They apply to consumers in Beijing.

The vouchers for the elderly and the disabled are designed for the elderly who have difficulty using cell phones and are mainly used in stores and picked up by themselves. Those who hold this voucher can enjoy the “5 yuan off for spending 15 yuan” discount, or “75 cent for spending 2.2 dollars”.

This event includes various catering scenarios such as dinner, fast food, hot pot, baking, tea, and so on. 

Netizens show their concern about Beijing consumer vouchers.

One netizen says the quantity of products is small, and the number of merchants is few.

Another lists some drawbacks related to vouchers. First, you cannot grab them. Secondly, you must consume them on the same day, which means they are counting down for you. Finally, the voucher discounts are not as good as the usual activities.

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