China’s former ambassador to Ukraine made an unusual remark about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He stressed Russia had already lost the war and would eventually be defeated.

His opinion was published by partially state-run Hong Kong-based Phoenix media on Tuesday. It was since deleted but can be accessed at the archive of the article.

Gao Yusheng, who served from 2007 to 2009 as the Chinese ambassador in Ukraine, delivered the remark at an internal forum hosted by the state-run China International Finance and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Gao said that Russia had lost on almost all fronts from the beginning of the war when it failed to achieve a quick victory. Russia lost not just on the battlefield but also in the political, diplomatic, publicity, intelligence, and information combats. In his opinion, Russia failed to deploy modern warfare strategies which combine those policies.

He noted that it is only a matter of time before Russia is finally defeated.

The former ambassador downplayed Russia’s role since the collapse of the Soviet Union, saying the country’s decline cannot be reversed. And the trend has become worse since the West applied economic sanctions.

He also dismissed the fabricated revitalization of Russia’s glory days under Putin’s leadership, saying it simply does not exist.

He also condemned Russia for regarding the former Soviet Union states as under its sphere of influence, repeatedly infringing the independence and sovereignty of those states. The former envoy considered this move the greatest threat to peace, security, and stability in Europe and Asia.

The Chinese regime claimed that it did not take sides in the Russia-Ukraine war. Instead, its media accused the U.S. and its Western allies of hostilities and called them responsible for the conflict.

Gao said that Russia would not be able to rebuild its old empire when defeated, while Ukraine would eventually become a member of the European Union.

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