Shanghai media SixTone posted an article titled “Dining out, Parks, Travel: Shanghai’s Post Lockdown Wishlist.” 

The article shows Shanghai citizens’ desire for normalcy with simple leisure activities, such as eating out, going to the park, or traveling with family and friends. Residents hoped that after the city lifted the lockdown, they could enjoy such simple and usual experiences.

However, it is hard for their dream to come true even though Shanghai supposedly lifted the containment measures on June 1.

Shanghai residents “secretly dining in” 

A netizen uploaded a picture showing his dining experience in a large Shanghai hotpot restaurant. After the restaurant staff asks about the number of customers, he and his group of 3 friends scan the code. They then pass a dark first floor before reaching a lighted second floor full of seats. At every table, everyone is eating with smiles.

He asks the staff if it is allowed to eat in the restaurant, and the staff replies yes. When he asks why they have to sneak around like this, the staff responds that he doesn’t know, but that’s how restaurants are doing these days.

The netizen says it was a strange experience involving something shady.

The story of “secretly dining in” is making rounds on social media.

Some netizen compares this with the experience of facing dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Others feel envious that the Chinese have such an exciting and unique experience.

Travelers trapped in a tunnel and forced to get a nucleic acid test

Travelling is at the top of the Chinese post-lockdown wishlist. However, a video shows hundreds of travelers trapped in the tunnel having to do a nucleic acid test. This incident took place on June 22 when people took a trip to Putuo Mountain in Zhoushan. 

In the video, lines of people are waiting in the left lane. The lines are densely packed, stretching from one end of the tunnel to the other and beyond, with no end in sight. These travelers could not imagine their trip would turn into a Covid test line nightmare like this.

Anti-virus window-closing style

Twitter user @TragedyChina posted a video showing how residents in Ji’an, Tonghua, and Jilin province are required to close and open their windows. The local official shouts that all people need to open the north window, not the south window. According to the video uploader, this is one of the anti-epidemic measures because local authorities are afraid of viruses coming from North Korea. Even the right to open a window and enjoy the fresh air is limited.

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