The Dean of China’s Schwarzman University, Professor Xue Lan, believes that the biggest challenge for the Chinese regime in the future is China-U.S. relations.

The second challenge is the problem of population decline and aging. The third one is energy, food security, and financial debt. The fourth one is the gap between rich and poor in society, and the fifth one is the pressure to reduce emissions.

According to Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan, Xue made these remarks at the “Dialogue with the World,” a column of the State-run media Phoenix.

Xue Lan also said that the Chinese regime must prepare for the “decoupling” of China from the United States. Because the Covid-19 epidemic has changed the global economic model, many countries have realized the fragility of the global supply chain with the presence of China.

The Trump administration launched a trade war with Beijing, making the world realize its dependence on the Chinese market.

Xue’s comments about Trump echo Li Zhengxiu, a military expert and research associate at the National Taiwan Foundation for Policy Studies.

According to Li, after Trump took office, he launched a trade war with China that made Beijing suffer a lot, explaining the regime’s hatred for Trump.

In addition, Li said the international community and the Chinese people no longer trust the ruling forces in the mainland after what transpired.

He said that what happened in Shanghai when the city was locked down to fight Covid says it all. In the eyes of the Chinese regime, the people are just like ants.

Commenting on Xue Lan’s statement, Australian historian and political analyst Li Yuanhua said that, as an economist of China’s regime, Xue Lan’s comments show that the ruling forces in China are presenting weakness to the United States.

Recent statements by Qin Gang, China’s ambassador to the United States, and Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, called for China and the United States to have a friendly relationship.

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